🔕 You are not enough anymore!


🔻 Just knowing Facebook Ads is no longer enough.

🔻 Just knowing how to put together a funnel is no longer enough.

🔻 Just knowing how to write extraordinary copy is no longer enough.

🔻 Just being able to make engaging social media content is no longer enough.

None of these things have actually ever been enough, but because there are so many loud one trick ponies in the field, you’ve always assumed they are enough.

They could very well be the best Facebook marketer, or copywriter, high ticket closer or funnel builder…


I constantly see 6-figure entrepreneurs like you, with a small team who is looking to grow, asking for the best Facebook marketer your budget will allow you to hire.

So I can guarantee that you fall in the 87% of businesses who experience at least one of the following problems, if not more.


🔺 You have great ads, fantastic traffic – but it dies on the offer page or gets lost in your mediocre funnels or email sequences.

🔺 You have an amazing offer and funnel, but the traffic is horrible and you’re attracting all the wrong people. You know, the ones who always want refunds, chargebacks, and demand champagne for their beer budget.

🔺 You have high quality traffic, people are buying your offer without thinking twice, but you have an average delivery platform and your churn rate is though the roof because you can’t keep those great clients and so you keep bleeding in the backend. (No pun intended)

I could go on for days with examples like this, because I’ve literally been making my living online for the last 15 years.

There’s a lot more I’ve seen and done in online business than most people you know.

Success awaits for those of us who are “full stack” and know EXACTLY what needs to happen along the path of your customers awareness to sale, and after that.

Those of us who really know how to test for the best possible ads, offers and audiences.

The ones who know how to precisely analyse and optimise the customer journey through a funnel, from subscriber to buyer.

And us, who know how to leave nothing up to chance and no money on the table because we know exactly how and where to retarget leads, with the highest converting offers.

Success hides in how the entire system works together, which makes the whole truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Hiring a single skill specialist can work wonders, IF all the other parts are doing their thing!

This realisation came to me a few months ago, when I noticed that every entrepreneur was just looking for “rockstar” Facebook Ads people, who have been the flavour of the month for about 24 months running now…

Or perhaps worse – generic Social Media Managers.

Because of this problem that the market currently has, I started AfterClick – a new type of full stack digital agency. Not to be confused with full service, since we certainly don’t just do all the things for everyone 🤘

With this post, I’m calling you out if you’re that. 6- figure entrepreneur who got blinded by the shiny things and hired a “rockstar” whatever specialist – who perhaps delivered on their own part but didn’t help your business growth overall.

You’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on getting your ads right, OR your offer, OR your funnel. But all you have to show for is that one thing that looks amazing, and doesn’t do shit for you and your business.

📲 If this post felt like a punch in the gut, I want you to message me. Let’s cut the shit and finally get it done right.



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