No matter what the reality is, if your mind doesn’t believe it – it doesn’t exist.

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Have you ever believed in something so effortlessly, that the world stopped making sense to you because your logical brain could not process what was happening?

I started writing this book because of an experience that was so real, yet so ridiculous at the…

Prepare yourself for the common sense that’s about to slap you in the face like a wet trout.

First of all, I have no idea where that “wet trout” reference came from. Possibly my early days online when I was big into IRC.

Second of all, I almost didn’t write this post because the imposter syndrome came knocking on my door as soon as I wrote the title.

You’re probably not as lazy as you tell yourself, and here’s why that’s true.

I just got off a call with a new coaching client, and one of the questions he asked towards the end of our call is one of the all-time favourites that I get asked all the time.

How do I stop being lazy?

Like most people, he waited until the…

Copying what other “successful” companies were doing on the surface wasn’t much of a strategy.

I bought the Ping-Pong table, the Fussball table, the Super Nintendo, the Xbox, the bean bags, the cool pictures and posters. The IKEA shelves, full of cool and quirky things.

We had the Google Partners banners, the social media brand pillows, the fancy desks, all the iMacs and MacBooks, the…

In hind-sight, things could have been a lot better if I had thought things through back then.

Wow, even just jotting down the working title for this post made me feel old AF. (Can I legally use that word, being over 40 and all?!)

Let me take you back to 2004 so you can understand why I got started writing and how I accidentally stumbled upon a…

Bob Jones

Probably buying the dip somewhere.

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